I have decided to try and keep track of the ornamental plants that I currently have in the garden, grow from seed, bring on from cuttings or plugs, or occasionally just buy fully formed. I’m hoping it will help me keep track of when I have gaps in colour, what works, what I turn out not to like. This means gradually adding entries for all the plants I currently have or that I am attempting to grow from seed, which is going to take some time. Not only do I now have an allotment to distract me, there are also lots of plants that I don’t really have photographs of! So this is very much a work in progress…

Please feel free to add a comment describing your own experience with any of the plants I have listed, what you like to combine them with, how you like to look after them. And if you have pictures of any of them and would like me to include them (with an appropriate attribution), use the contact form and let me know!

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